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Did you injure your teeth in an accident? Do you have teeth stains that bleaching won’t fix? Dental veneers or dental bonding are excellent alternatives to explore. Here is some information on each of them:

Dental bonding uses composite resin – the same material used for most tooth-colored fillings – to restore chipped or cracked teeth, fill in gaps, or cover misshapen or discolored teeth. After roughening teeth surfaces with a mild etching solution, the resin is applied and sculpted to just the right result. If you practice oral hygiene consistently, your dental bond can last 10 years or longer. Smokers will likely find that the bond turns yellow along with the rest of thier teeth.

Veneers, on the other hand, are thin sheets of durable porcelain fastened to the faces of your teeth. Like bonding, they conceal stains and protect chipped or misshapen teeth. Unlike bonding, veneers are impervious to most new stains and can endure up to 15 years or even longer.

Dr. Jim Heck can let you know if you are the right candidate for veneers or bonding and which one he would suggest. Just call 317-881-4726 to set up a consultation in Greenwood, Indiana. White River Dental can bring you the smile of a lifetime!