Can a Dental Bridge Help You Achieve Optimal Oral Health?

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In order to help your smile receive an excellent chance to achieve successful oral health this year, we invite you to begin planning for any enhancements or repairs that may need to be performed on your teeth. One of the most effective treatments for your smile is to fill any empty spaces in your smile to prevent tooth drifting, gum destabilization, or any other ailments that can result from missing or lost teeth.
We encourage you to replace these teeth as soon as possible with a dental restoration such as a dental bridge. To determine if you should receive a dental bridge, consider whether you would answer “yes” to the following situations:

– Did you know that that dental bridges are extremely efficient in improving smile aesthetics after tooth loss?
– Do you suffer any ailments of tooth loss, such as difficulty chewing or eating food?
– Are you interested in dramatically improving speech after it has been affected by missing teeth?
– Are you aware of the importance of restoring bite stability for an effective smile?
– Would you like to restore your smile back to its natural appearance after tooth loss?
– Did you know that tooth loss ailments such as tooth slippage can be resolved with dental bridges?
– Would you like to improve your dental health by reducing your risk of gum destabilization and tooth decay following missing teeth?

If you are interested in booking an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Matt Pierce, to discuss your candidacy for dental bridges in Greenwood, Indiana, please call White River Family Dental and Implant Center at 317-881-4726 today.