Whenever possible, our dentists will try to avoid removing a tooth unless it presents a hazard to your remaining teeth or your oral health. In many cases, a simple extraction will be enough to help us start resolving the problem. However in some cases, Dr. Matt Pierce or Dr. Jim Heck, may suggest a visit to White River Family Dental and Implant Center for a surgical tooth extraction in Greenwood, Indiana.

Surgical extractions are commonly used to address impacted wisdom or canine teeth. A surgical extraction may be needed to remove a tooth that has sustained a trauma and have been broken off and is not accessible with an elevator and forceps. Our dentists may recommend this treatment for teeth that have large or long roots.

A surgical extraction will involve a small incision in your gum to allow our dentists easier access to the tooth. Once the tooth has been removed, the doctor will suture the incision closed and provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure that you heal properly. The doctor will want to see you for a follow-up visit to check your progress and discuss your restoration options.

If you have a concern about the health of your teeth or your smile in general, contact our office at 317-881-4726. A member of our team can help you plan your visit.