Dental Restorations: Tooth Hazards

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Are you aware of all the risk factors associated with tooth hazards that may be present in your life? The number of tooth hazards that can damage your smile are too numerous to mention, but there are few things you can do to keep your smile safe. For one, always establish effective prevention plans to limit the risks of oral accidents and injuries due to unhealthy decisions and choices. Although we often make decisions that may improve other aspects of our health, we rarely think about the implications to our teeth and gums.
This is especially true with mouth jewelry such as tongue piercings. Although we think of how trendy they may look or the benefits they can provide for our self-esteem, we fail to realize that they are known tooth hazards. Lips and tongue rings are viewed as tooth hazards because they can lead to immediate dental damage in the form of permanent nerve damage and burst blood vessels. In addition, they can lead to serious infections, pose as choking hazards, lead to oral inflammation and chip and crack your teeth. Exercise caution with any lifestyle products such as mouth jewelry.
Be aware that products that can easily chip and crack your teeth should be eliminated from your life. At the very least, do not bite down on products that are not meant to be bitten into. Even products such as ice or cough drops may seem to be relatively harmless, but the truth is they can easily cause dental damage if you bite into them directly.
To help protect your smile, always implement the use of mouth guards or other safety appliances. This can be extremely beneficial to lower the risk of tooth hazards that can knock your teeth out or chip and crack them. Furthermore, they can help lower your risk for tooth grinding if you are suffering from bruxism at night.
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