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Not all smiles are guaranteed to be safe if you continue to partake in activities to put them at risk. This means that choices you are making in your day-to-day life could be much more harmful to your teeth and gums than even the products you are consuming. Although cavities are a huge risk to your teeth, it is important to make sure your teeth have a chance to thrive and are not knocked out or broken due to physical harm. Beware of any dental damage risk factors in your life.

Sports are a major cause of dental damage as they can severely hinder your oral health in a single blow. To help prevent dental damage due to sports, it is important to always wear the necessary safety equipment. With any activities that could potentially lead to blunt trauma, always make sure you are wearing safety guards such as face masks, helmets, mouthguards or any other oral health appliances that can help protect your smile.

Another leading cause of dental damage is mouth jewelry. Although most individuals wear mouth jewelry as an aesthetic enhancement, it can severely hinder your oral health in numerous ways. Not only can lip and tongue rings cause damage to your teeth and gums, but they can also lead to severe infection. If they break off, they can also pose significant choking hazards. Infections, oral inflammation, chipped and cracked teeth, and other oral ailments can arise due to mouth jewelry.

Were you aware of the damage that oral hazards such as smoking or chewing tobacco can pose for your oral health? Not only can they lead to bad breath or stained teeth, they can result in severe oral ailments over the long-term. This also includes using drugs that can cause tooth loss and eventual cancer. Always exercise caution with any bad habits that may be present in your everyday life.

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