Oral Cancer Risks, Signs and Symptoms

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The word cancer is intimidating, but it’s important to see your dentist regularly to get an oral cancer screening exam. Oral cancer is a type of neck and head cancer that has cancerous tissue most commonly growing in the mouth on the floor or roof of the mouth, in the cheek lining, gums, and/or lips. Here at White River Family Dental and Implant Center, we strive to provide the oral care you need as well as help protect you against oral cancer with regular screenings at every appointment.
Many risks of oral cancer include infection, chemicals, tobacco, immune disorders, hormones, or inherited mutations. Risks that can be prevented by knowing information about these dangers include tobacco use, obesity, excessive alcohol use, malnutrition, sun exposure, and not enough exercise. Help your children avoid these habits at a young age with good nutrition, exercising consistently, and using sunscreen.
Some of the most common signs of oral cancer can be persistent sores or discoloration on the gums, tongue, mouth, or throat. Consistent feelings in the back throat, sore throat without being sick, or trouble breathing or swallowing should be examined immediately. Unexplained bleeding or numbness, pain in the face and neck area, ear pain, or a change in your bite are other indications of oral cancer.
Dr. Matt Pierce and their professionals provide oral screenings at every visit, so be sure to visit us biannually to get your regular checkup for any signs of oral cancer. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention. Give us a call at 317-881-4726 to contact our office here in Greenwood, Indiana, to set up an appointment today!