Superior Smiles Include Gum Disease Detection

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Are you aware of the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease? Although they can often be difficult to detect or not even arise at all, periodontal disease often comes with numerous indications. Because it progresses over many years, the symptoms may progress as well and although they might not be easily detectable early on, the longer you’re suffering from the disease, the more likely they are to be prevalent.
Are you noticing any symptoms of periodontal disease that are present in your mouth? If periodontal disease is taking hold, it is important to keep track of symptoms that can arise. This includes inflammation and swelling of your gums, as well as increased tooth sensitivity and issues arising with tenderness around your gum area.
Other common symptoms of gum disease include pain when chewing or the presence of pus or sores. Also, keep track of teeth that appear to be extra movable or have slid out of position. If your gums have destabilized, it could be related to periodontal disease. Another common symptom is heavy bleeding when brushing or flossing or eating. Furthermore, if halitosis continues to return, it could be linked to an underlying condition such as gum disease.
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