The Insider’s Look at a Tooth

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Did you know that there is more to your tooth than you can see? Well, it’s true! When you talk to your dentist, it can be handy to be aware of the basics of the tooth’s inner workings. Your tooth is composed of three layers:
Enamel: The outermost hard white layer of the tooth, made of carbonated crystals. Though it’s the toughest substance of your body, it is attacked often and thus needs your help to defend against bad bacteria and decay.
Dentin: The layer of the tooth under the enamel — a yellow, powdery substance. If your teeth are yellow, it’s a sign of enamel erosion. The white enamel has eroded to show the yellow dentin underneath.
Pulp: The life force of the tooth, containing nerve tissue, blood vessels and other soft tissue. This is a vulnerable area that must be protected. If your pulp is infected, you will probably require a root canal.
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