Untreated Tooth Decay May Require Restorative Care

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All too often, a cavity doesn’t receive treatment until it has severe symptoms, but we encourage you to see our dentist as soon as you know that you need treatment for tooth decay. Otherwise, a cavity becomes a threat to your teeth and may require invasive treatment. Conservative dental care can often remedy the early stages of a cavity with a service as simple as a dental filling.
Untreated tooth decay can advance until only one of these options for restorative dentistry are able to repair the tooth:
– Dental crowns: Large areas of tooth decay often leave little tooth structure to support a dental filling, which means a dental crown may be needed to restore the tooth.
– Root canal treatment: If the bacteria from a cavity extends all the way to the pulp chamber of a tooth, it can affect the blood vessels and tooth nerve, resulting in serious dental pain and the risk of abscess. You may need to receive root canal treatment in order to preserve the tooth from extraction.
– Tooth extraction: If restorative dentistry can’t save the tooth, it may need to be removed. We strive to preserve your natural smile when possible, but will make the most effective choice for your oral health.
If you notice any early stages of tooth decay in Greenwood, Indiana, contact White River Family Dental and Implant Center at 317-881-4726 today and schedule an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Matt Pierce, for the most conservative dental treatment available.