Your New Dental Crown Needs Daily Brushing and Flossing

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The dental crown installed in your mouth at Dr. Matt Pierce’s dental clinic has effectively replaced the tooth enamel layer of your compromised tooth. This special dental material used will not be directly vulnerable to tooth decay. However, your dental crown will still need to be brushed twice and flossed once just like your natural teeth.
Without daily care, residual sugars, plaque, and food particles could harden into tartar where the dental crown meets the gumline. As this continues to occur the bacterial presence near the periodontal tissues could significantly increase your chances of suffering gum disease problems.
Without remediation, the bacterial presence could gradually cause a loss of bone structure in the area. This could cause a total failure of the abutment that anchors the dental crown in your mouth.
It’s also important to regularly attend your routine dental checkups at Dr. Heck’s dental office. This simple appointment will clean away any traces of hardened tartar on your teeth while also helping to monitor the health of your gums.
If you are in the Greenwood, Indiana area and you have questions about how to best maintain your dental crown, you should call 317-881-4726 to have it examined and treated at White River Family Dental and Implant Center.